Wormokom PFS


(Natural Broad Spectrum Anthelmintic Feed Supplement for Poultry)

WORMOKOM PFS is a natural Broad Spectrum Anthelmintic which is very effective and safe against various worm infestations like tapeworm, parasitic flatworms, nematodes etc. Worm infestation is a recurrent and common problem in poultry especially in hot, humid and densely populated poultry farms.

Worm causes great losses to poultry as they take away various nutrients of their hosts, resulting in drastic fall in weight gain, production of eggs and hatchability in broilers, layers and breeders.

Worm infestation also causes diarrhea anemia and formation of tubercles, which adversely affect health, livability, and profitability of the farmers. Wormokom also stops re-infestation of worms in birds and does not gain resistance against worms which is common with Synthetic Anthelmintic.


  • The powder form of Wormokam PFS easily mix up with the feed uniformly
  • Being Natural Wormokam PFS does not cause any side effect and the bird’s friendly.
  • Wormokom PFS paralyzes and kills tapeworms, nematodes and detaches them along with solaces from the intestine
  • Wormokom PFS has mild laxative action thus removes paralyzed and dislodged Tapeworms completely through faeces and avoid decomposition of dead worms.
  • Wormokom PFS is effective against both mature and immature tapeworms.


5 kg per ton of feed to be given once with morning feed and to be repeated after 21 days

*Or as prescribed by a veterinarian.


1Kg & 5 kg Pack