(Natural Replacer to Synthetic Methionine)

METHOKAM is a scientifically developed combination of rare herbs that contains herbal ingredients rich in Methionine. Methionine is the first limiting Amino Acid required sustaining life and growth in poultry. Methionine deficiency leads to poor F.C.R, retard growth in Chickens, reduce Egg Production and besides poor feathering, immunity and weakness.

METHOKAM contains Methionine in a natural and bioactive form which is readily digestible. It may donate sulfur groups, methyl groups or serve as a building block of proteins. Methionine participates in trans-methylation reactions where amino acids are metabolized to form energy.


  • Natural analogue to replace synthetic methionine
  • Economic & better performance
  • Powder form ensures an equivalent distribution of the product in the feed
  • Optimizes growth, F.C.R & deposition of more meat in breast and thigh muscles
  • Optimizes egg production and egg size by protein synthesis and energy utilization in birds
  • Improves the number of eggs and hatchability in breeder birds
  • Prevents fatty liver as a Methyl donor
  • Pelleting does not affect its stability


1 Kg of Methokam per Ton of the Poultry feed.

(1kg of Methokam can be used to replace 1 Kg of synthetic Methionine)

*Or as recommended by the Nutritionist


  • 10&25 kg. Multi-layer paper bag