Lysokam PFS


(Natural Replacer to Synthetic Lysine)


LYSOKAM is a scientifically developed combination of rare herbs that contains herbal ingredients rich in Lysine. Lysine is an essential Amino Acid which optimizes the growth and production performance of Broilers, Layers & Breeders. Additional supplementation of Lysine is required for optimum quality in poultry to increase egg size and weight in layers.

LYSOKAM contains high quantity of Lysine in a readily digestible form. LYSOKAM contains Lysine in conjugated dipeptide and glycol-peptides form. Thus the integrity of Lysine is increased to optimize its bioactivity, thus, LYSOKAM is useful for maximum growth and performance potential in poultry birds. LYSOKAM is more effective and economical as compared to synthetic Lysine.


  • Natural analogue to replace synthetic Lysine.
  • Economical & better performance as compared to synthetic Lysine.
  • The temperature during pelletization reduces the digestibility of Synthetic Lysine by more than
  • 60 % whereas digestibility of LYSOKAM remains same.
  • Powder form ensures an equivalent distribution of the product in the feed.
  • For optimum carcass quality and obtain maximum breast and thigh muscles
  • Reduces breakage of eggshell during transportation thus reduces losses
  • For optimum egg production and egg size by protein synthesis and energy utilization in birds


1 Kg of LYSOKAM can be used to replace 1 Kg of synthetic Lysine with higher and sustained Lysine activity or as recommended by the Nutritionist


  • 10&25 kg. Multi-layer paper bag