Livokam PFS

LIVOKAM PFS (Powder & Liquid)

(Natural Performance Enhancer Poultry Feed Supplement)

The liver is a chemical factory of birds and good health of the liver is the key to achieve high productivity in Poultry. Backed by years of research into liver health, LIVOKAM PFS is an excellent liver performance enhancer.

LOKAM PFS is a synergistic combination of excellent quality natural herbs which stimulate and optimize liver functions. It protects the liver and kidney from different toxins bacteria and viruses, along with this; it improves absorption assimilation and metabolism of nutrients


  • Optimizes proper digestion absorption general health and feed intake
  • Optimizes egg production & shell thickness
  • Optimizes hepatic function and metabolism
  • Promotes growth in broilers layers, chicks and growers
  • Improves F.C.R meat yield and livability
  • Optimizes bird’s response against Alfa-toxin, chemical toxins and other feed bom challenges.
  • Livokam PFS is compatible with other synthetic feed ingredient and antibiotic.
  • Livokam PFS is natural and free from pathogenic micro-flora and toxic chemicals


250gm per ton of feed Ensure thorough mixing in the feed. The same dose is recommended for breeders. Mixing rate may be increased in challenging conditions

Livokam Liquid:

Broilers & Chicks: 0-2 weeks, 5 ml/100 birds

Growers: 3-4 weeks, 10 ml/100 birds

Layers: 5 weeks & onwards, 20 ml. /100 birds

*Or prescribed by a veterinarian.


Powder-5 Kg & 20 kg Paper Bags

Liquid-1 Ltr & 5 Ltr