Herbal Galactogogue, Restore & Optimizes Milk Yield

For all practical purpose, the farmer regards his dairy animal as a machine to produce milk. His input mainly feeds and management care & output is milk. Milk synthesis is influenced by several factors like genetic ability, the nutritive value of feed management care, etc. Milk production may be reduced due to the retention of placenta, the death of the calf, premature calving due to disease or due to stress.


  • Stimulates lactiferous tissue in udder to synthesize more milk.
  • Stimulates the process of let down of milk.
  • Helps in good digestion, absorption, and utilization of absorbed nutrients to convert it into more milk in the udder
  • Helps in various diseases along with specified treatment to normalize milk yield.


  • Drop in milk yield due to diseases.
  • Habitual irregularity in cattle in letting down of milk
  • To correct irregular lactation.
  • Hypogalactia and agalactia Drop in milk due to death of calf due to stress etc.


  • Cow & Buffaloes 40-50 gm
  • Ewes & Does 10-15 gm
  • Give the above with gur or tracle once daily for twenty days.


  • Carton of 300 gms
  • Poly-bag of 1 kg