Cholikam PFS


(Natural Replacer to Synthetic Choline)

CHOLIKAM is a scientific combination of rare traditionally used herbs having natural analogues of choline and biotin, which work like original choline biotin in the body and replace synthetic entity without risk of TMA & DMA (corrosive nature residues). Choline & Biotin are very essential nutrients for poultry birds, which plays a crucial role in normal development, growth, health, and production.

Choline is a member of the B-complex group and an essential part of the molecular structure of Phospholipids, which regulates the mobilization of fat in the body. It plays an important role in many physiological processes and even for the formation of Methionine.

Biotin is used in cell growth, production of fatty acid, metabolism of fats & proteins.





  • Natural analogue to replace synthetic choline and biotin
  • Provides optimum activity of choline and biotin to optimize the conversation of lipids into phospholipids.
  • Controls fatty liver syndrome, paresis, and liver enlargement
  • Maintains growth, FCR, Egg production, hatchability and livability of birds
  • Non-corrosive, user-friendly and not reactive with vitamins present in the feed.
  • Economical and better performance.
  • Activity remains unaltered during pelleting.
  • Free from an unpleasant odour & hygroscopic nature.
  • Better absorption & bioavailability leads to uniform growth in the flock

300-500gm per ton of feed

(1 Kg of Cholikam can be used to replace 1 kg of Synthetic Choline chloride 60%)

*Or as per the nutritionist recommendations.




5Kg & 25 kg. Multilayer paper bag